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This is what people are saying about Wolf Coffee:


Wolf Logo Website WolfHead 40x41"I had been searching for that "special" coffee with a full body satisfying flavor without the acidity, when my daughter in-law gave me a pound of Wolf Coffee "Extra dark French roast" for my birthday.  It was love at first taste!  I have been getting 4 lbs a month now for over 10 years.  It is still my favorite coffee."

- Deetes, CA


Wolf Logo Website WolfHead 40x41"My wife and I really enjoy your coffee.  We first had it when we were visiting Santa Rosa, CA a few years ago at a coffee shop. We were happy to find out we could order it online. We think its the best!"

-Mike & Shawna, FL


Wolf Logo Website WolfHead 40x41"We got the coffee less than 24 hours after you sent it!  We love Wolf's!  We have loved Wolf's since the first shop (?1991) opened across from the SRJC.  We will not drink any other coffee, and we take it with us everywhere we travel!"

-Deborah, CA


Wolf Logo Website WolfHead 40x41"We are really enjoying the Wolf Coffee.  It is smooth and delicious and helps get my heart started in the mornings."

- Charlene, CA



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