About Us

Wolf coffee was founded in 1990 when Rick and Jeanne Mariani left their Sonoma County family prune farm to bring artisanally roasted coffee to the homes and restaurants of Sonoma County. At the time, Folgers dominated the coffee pots in most homes and offices and coffee served at your local breakfast spot had probably been sitting in a pot for hours before reaching your cup.

The Marianis joined forces with Pete’s coffee’s former owner Sal Bonavita, combining their experience to create a specialty coffee roaster based in Sonoma County, called Wolf Coffee. They chose the name to signify the value for family they wanted the company to embody and the community aspect of enjoying good food and drink.

During the ‘90s and early 2000’s, Wolf Coffee grew to serve their own specialty coffee in 9 coffee shops throughout Sonoma County, a roasting facility, and a group of employees that were all treated like family.

Things changed when in 2008, following an infiltration of large corporate coffee shops into Sonoma County and the beginning of the great recession, Wolf Coffee made the decision to close their retail shops. They channeled their passion for roasting great coffee into their roasting facility, continuing to provide specialty coffees to restaurants, offices, and loyal customers across the nation.

In 2018, the Marianis wanted to pass the business on to the next generation so daughter Natasha and her husband Nick stepped out of their corporate careers to continue the Mariani’s vision of bringing great coffee to Sonoma County. After reinvigorating the roasting facility and process, they are now working to bring Wolf Coffee to even more people.

At Wolf Coffee, the coffee experience is about more than just top quality beans roasted in small batches by passionate people. It’s about trusting us to take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy your coffee. From using US sourced bags to composting waste to roasting delicious coffee, we’ve got this.