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Our Story

Rick Mariani founded Wolf Coffee in 1990, in Sonoma County, using the Wolf Pack as a metaphor for the creation of a soulful business.  Rick’s early mentorship on the craft of coffee from Alfred Peet and Sal Bonavita, the founder and former owner of Peet's Coffee and Tea, immersed Wolf Coffee into the rich traditions of coffee.  Rick’s sense of taste, smell, sight, and touch, create unique blends. His practiced roasting techniques, and small batch roasting process - less than 100 pounds at a time - produce one of the finest coffees available.

In 2018, Rick Mariani passed the torch to Nick Castelli, his son-in-law, including all the rich traditions introduced to him by Alfred and Sal along with his own 25 years in the industry.  Nick brings a lifelong culinary passion along with a discerning palette and a keen desire to carry on the legacy of Wolf Coffee.  Nick will be introducing additional products that reflect the artisanal and micro-roasting techniques evolving the industry. Nick's customer-centric approach along with his operational expertise will provide dynamic leadership at Wolf Coffee for years to come.