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Organic Decaf House Blend

When was the last time you were excited to drink decaf coffee?  Whether you drink coffee to speed you up or wind you down, we've got your back!  We spend as much time perfecting our decaf as we do our regular coffees.  The best part is that our decaffenation process does NOT use harsh chemicals. Try ours and bring the joy back to drinking coffee, but without caffeine.

Decaf House Blend is a flavorful and full-bodied coffee with pleasant notes of caramel, barley, and nutmeg, but without the caffeine! This blend also makes the perfect Decaf Espresso!

Texture - Whole Bean*

*Please note that we will only be shipping coffee whole bean for maximum freshness.  The moment you grind coffee it begins to quickly degrade in flavor.  Also, we use generic grind sizes that may not be best for your machine.  We always recommend grinding fresh for yourself!  We do offer our suggested grinder from Baratza, here.