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100% Arabica

We exclusively source superior, organically grown, Arabica beans from all over the world. The Arabica coffee bean species is also known as “mountain coffee” because it’s generally shade-grown at high altitudes which supports a healthy ecosystem for birds and other ecological factors. Arabica beans are harder to grow than the Robusta coffee beans, but the extra effort pays off with broader flavor profiles. After harvest, coffee beans go through various processing and sorting stages in their home country before being imported to the US. Our commitment to quality means we only source the highest-rated beans to maximize flavor and eliminate any risk of tainting our product.

Our Blends

You could call us the Jackson 5 of blending coffee. We have mastered this craft for over two generations by creating the ideal balance of acidity, aroma, flavor, and body, giving our coffee drinkers a complete experience. We love sharing our blends with our customers and are prideful that we've been producing joy for over 30 years.

Hand Roasted

Roasting coffee in a vintage 1968 Probat roaster isn't done only to show's done because it makes the best coffee you'll drink. Period. Why do you think in every old movie that you watch the characters are always drinking coffee? The lack of modern automation requires the sense of hearing, smell, sight, and experience to impart soul into the perfectly roasted beans. Each batch of Wolf Coffee is roasted with care, sampled to ensure quality, then quickly packed and shipped out to our customers.

Certified Organic

We asked ourselves what we would buy for our family. If we buy organic groceries whenever possible, why would we use conventionally grown beans in our blends? The path forward was clear, so we became Certified Organic by CCOF and transitioned our blends to use all organically grown beans.