Our Wholesale Customers

Our wholesale customers include grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bed & breakfasts, inns, hotels, health clubs, offices, wineries, and more!  We can even provide toll roasting and white labeled products to your brand!

Our Products

We offer premium artisan coffee that is freshly roasted and then packed directly from the roaster into 12 ounce or 5 pound bags.

Our 12 oz products are presented in a space-friendly rectangular black package with our recognizable red square logo.  Our packaging really 'pops' on the shelf!  Bar codes make tracking inventory a breeze.

Our Services

Let us help you design your coffee service.  We have trained professionals that can help you design your coffee service and equipment placement to optimize efficiency and achieve consistency. Your staff may change shifts, but the quality of the brewed coffee should not - we'll help you every step along the way!

Let us help you with a smooth transition.  We've got your back!  We have a seasoned project manager that will work with you on a transition plan that meets your needs.  We can swoop in and up your coffee game in a matter of hours or we can roll out in phases. The only thing your customers will notice is the better coffee experience!

Our Service Area

Our delivery area currently includes Sonoma and Marin counties, but we can reliably ship fresh-roasted coffee anywhere within the United States, including freight.  Your customers will be thrilled when they taste our fresh-roasted coffee and is sure to reflect well on you, too!

If you would like to proudly serve premium Wolf Coffee please send us a message and we will get right back to you!

 wolf wholesale delivery van