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Hario V60 Paper Filter, 02 White 100ct Box

Here at Wolf Coffee we are all about doing the leg work so you can simply enjoy your coffee.  With that said, we have tested and hand selected grinding and brewing equipment that we know simply works.

We have personally used the Hario 02 dripper for our pour overs for years and are proud to sell them.  These authentic Hario filters are specially designed to fit the V60 drippers, with limited flow restriction to enhance clarity and balance in the coffee.  These 02 filters are made with FSC certified oxygen bleached paper pulp, causing them to be white.  We have found that the oxygen bleached papers impart very little negative flavor to the cup whereas the natural unbleached paper pulp that are brown in color does impart a lot of offputting flavors.  Therefore, we can only support the sale of these white papers.