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Organic French Roast

Our original slogan- Rich, Creamy, and Smooth- spoke directly to our mastery of the French roast. Though your average roaster carries a French roast, it's probably just that...average. Lucky for you, we've got this one down! People across the country come to us because they know it's the best French roast available. We use the highest quality beans and roast them to perfection, unlocking something really special. This blend offers the bold flavors of cacao and smoked vanilla and is both full-bodied and smooth. Give our best seller a try!

Texture - Whole Bean*

*Please note that we only ship coffee whole bean for maximum freshness.  The moment you grind coffee it begins to quickly degrade in flavor.  Also, we use generic grind sizes that may not be best for your machine.  We always recommend grinding fresh for yourself!  We do offer our suggested grinder from Baratza, here.